Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new daily series on good companies with good products! Day one

Lakai limited footwear
very nice shoes can either last a very long time, or a very short time,
they have a very solid team and have produced one of the most legendary skate films; fully flared
they make funny commercials and go on interesting trips
their color ways are excellent!
here are the pair of lakais i am currently using

Monday, August 30, 2010

tre flips

tre flips i believe are an over hyped trick, how often do you find someone that can tre flip verse some one that can late flip or impossible not very often, i can tre flip but i believe it takes too many trys, also i have a friend who skates that once he could tre flip he only did them no he can barely kickflip and heelflip. i do admit though he can tre pretty damn well

The Berrics

If you didn't already know the Berrics is an amazing skateboarding site, which is about all things relating to Eric Koston and Steve Berra's private skate park
The Berrics

Sunday, August 29, 2010

tips about how to not be a poser

1. skate in your garage many hours a day till you can at least kickflip
2. don't skate too school your first year
3. push closer to your board you'll look more confident and it will be easier to push
4.don't talk that much about skating till your pretty good
5. go to parks for the obstacles  don't just skate flat ground and get in every ones way
6. watch videos on YouTube so you know more about skatin
7. clothes represent nothing in skating some of the best skaters wear sweat pants and a tank top

8. the final one i can say is posers are fags don't become one

some greats in skateboarding

one of my personal favorites is mike mo capaldi aka mike mo
showed below are his amazing flat ground skillsmike mo


top tips

2.remember to flick with your ankle do not ninja kick it
3.hover over the board till it completes the rotation
4. after thats done stomp that shit hard bolts

below is a mellow kickflip