Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new daily series on good companies with good products! Day one

Lakai limited footwear
very nice shoes can either last a very long time, or a very short time,
they have a very solid team and have produced one of the most legendary skate films; fully flared
they make funny commercials and go on interesting trips
their color ways are excellent!
here are the pair of lakais i am currently using


  1. i used to skateboard... keep up the good work

  2. The only shoe I'd ever wear were es accels, they fit my feet perfectly and had that right balance between cushion & being a bit slim.

  3. Blue shoes and green shoes = god tier.

  4. Hey there! Just stopped by on my daily rounds to check in, see what's going on and show some support :-) I like brown leather shoes better than those, but hey, it's just my opinion ;-)

    Have a nice day :-)